Dealermart is the #1 used car dealership in Corpus Christi, Tx. We specialize in providing reliable used cars to customers with good, bad, or no credit. Our mission is to provide quality vehicles and unmatched service for our customers. We understand that selling a used vehicle is forming a partnership, and we take that responsibility seriously!

Company Mission

Dealermart will provide the best used car quality and in-house financing customer experience possible. Our main goal is to keep customers in reliable vehicles and provide top-tier customer service.

What We Do Differently

  1. 30-day warranty
  2. All Dealermart customers receive a discount at our service center
  3. Provide free maintenance checks for our customers to ensure continued vehicle quality

Dealermart is Corpus Christi’s #1 Used-Car dealership. Dealermart has a large selection of low mileage and low-priced used vehicles. At Dealermart, see why our customers are saving $1,500+ per vehicle compared to traditional dealerships. 99% approval rate and Dealermart can finance with low down payments.

Low Prices

See why Dealermart’s prices $1,000+ cheaper than our competition

Dealermart Certified Quality

We spend an average of 15 hours replacing parts, fixing major dents or scratches, and detailing to make your car feel like new. Then we give each car a final quality check.

30-day warranty on every vehicle

Learn more about our guarantees.

Protect your investment

All cars can have unexpected repairs. With our optional extended service plans, you’ll be covered – and get roadside assistance – for years to come.


Why choose Dealermart for your car dealership?

Low prices and quick approvals are our specialties! At Dealermart, we provide the best financing experience in Corpus Christi.