We are a buy-here pay-here dealership that specializes in providing reliable used cars to customers with good, bad or no credit. Our mission is to provide quality vehicles and unmatched service for our customers. We understand that selling a used vehicle is forming a partnership, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Company Mission

Dealermart will provide the best used car quality and in-house financing customer experience possible. Our main goal is to keep customers in reliable vehicles and provide top tier buy-here pay-here service.

What We Do Differently

  1. 30 day powertrain warranty
  2. All Dealermart customers receive a discount at our service center
  3. Provide free maintenance checks for our customers to ensure continued vehicle quality

The auto industry has evolved over the years and many people are left to question what these new “buy here pay here” car dealerships are. As banks get stricter with auto loans, buy-here pay-here dealerships are here to put you in a vehicle, and keep you in it!

What are “Buy Here, Pay Here” Car Dealerships?

When people go to a franchise car dealership, one of the first things they need to make sure of, is credit approval. This means the car dealerships will run the customers credit and see if they are approved to purchase the vehicle. However, if you have low-credit or no-credit, this process can be difficult. This is where the “buy here, pay here” car dealerships come into play. Buy here, pay here dealers allow people of no credit, bad credit, or other situations to be able to purchase a vehicle. Buy here, pay here dealerships provide their own in-house financing. At Dealermart, we not only provide financing but top-level service as we understand we are entering into a partnership with our customers. We have some of the best customer service ratings in Corpus Christi.

Why choose Dealermart for your car dealership?

At Dealermart, we provide the best in-house financing experience in Corpus Christi. We only require you to put down a low-down payment and have a steady source of income to begin the approval process.

So, if you do not have perfect credit and you are looking to buy a used car, Dealermart is the dealership for you!

BHPH Dealer in Corpus Christi, Tx

Dealermart in Corpus Christi, Tx is the best buy here pay here dealership! When you buy from Dealermart we go above and beyond to make sure you have the best BHPH experience possible. As a BHPH dealership also known as a buy here pay here dealership located in Corpus Christi, Tx you are not just a number. We will walk you through the BHPH process step by step. BHPH is a special financing option for individuals with bad credit, no credit, or challenged credit. What this means is that no matter what your credit score is it will not affect you getting approved for a vehicle. We understand that life happens sometimes. Let us here at Dealermart be your choice for a BHPH dealer in Corpus Christi, Tx!